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How to Build a Brand, Not Just a Business

I'm here to let you in on a marketing secret: not every single post that you do has to be directly selling your product to your customer. I have dedicated entire summers, internships, meetings and client calls to drive this very point home. The fact is, it is much easier to build a business than a brand, but taking the time to establish and build your brand strategy will generate a loyal customer base.

I have spent years studying companies that succeed in branding, and I want to give you an example of one of my favorites:

Have you ever heard of Billie razors? They are a subscription company for women that delivers razors, razor blades, shaving cream, soaps, and other similar items to your doorstep. Every influencer promotes them, they have 280k Instagram followers and I eventually fell into the trap of ordering one for myself. The razor itself was extremely average, but because of their digital presence and the "buzz" around them, they had me hooked. One of their main competitors, Gilette Venus, has about 1/3 of the following that Billie does.

So, what's so special about their digital strategy? Only about half of their posts have anything to do with their actual products. The other half are educational, trending content that offers people more than just a sales pitch in exchange for their following. THAT is the ultimate goal of social media marketing, because just like in my case, the fact that I followed them ultimately resulted in a new customer.

I understand that it can be hard to justify pouring your time and resources into content that isn't pitching your product. Here are 3 easy ways that you can begin providing value to your followers that doesn't involve a huge sacrifice:

  1. Repost content from other accounts: This is a fabulous way to provide engaging, interesting content without having to generate it yourself. This is a win-win: you educate and entertain your followers, and the original creator gains exposure.

  2. Document behind-the-scenes: Giving your followers a look into what goes on "behind the scenes" will allow them to feel immersed in your brand experience. You immediately humanize your business, and people recognize the hard work and talent that goes into your operation.

  3. Post what's trending: Create content around trending topics that people want to share! This helps you gain exposure organically and brings people to your channels. Once they're on your page, they can check out your other content that specifically highlights your products. Great examples are holiday posts, social justice topics, buzz words and events in pop culture.

For examples of companies that do these things well, check out my stories on Wednesdays that will be highlighting brands we love.

Do you want to implement these tricks, but don't know where to start? Do you lack the time or resources to devote to your social channels? Let's chat! Fill out the contact form on our home page, I would love to start a conversation about how our services can help you.

Happy Tuesday!

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